castle burn FQA日本語訳

Frequently Asked Questions about Castle Burn
Greetings, Masters!
Please check out the details below:
1. ‘Can You Beat the GM?’ Event
● The GM account will be marked as “Master”.
● Beat the GM, and you will earn 20 points as well as the “GM Gift Box”
● Even if you lose to a GM, it will not result in a Rank loss.
1.GMに挑戦 イベントについて
2. Some useful facts regarding Friendly Match
● Please note that the Friendly Match is currently available only between the Masters of the same Server.
● We can promise you, however, that we plan to enable Friendly Matches between the Masters of different servers at a later date.
3. Regarding Global Matching / Ranking by Server
● Castle Burn currently supports Global Matchmaking, enabling matches between Masters from different regions.
● Ranking, on the other hand, will be solely based on the Server you are in.
For example, a Master on the US server may be matched against a Master from a different region, but neither Masters will be able to see each other on the Rank List.
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